We at Roxy's Roadhouse strive to try to make a change in our world today - our patrons help with this goal by donating towards charitable organizations to help others in our community whom are less fortunate.  Last year we raised $400.00 for St. Agnes Church in Richeyville PA - St. Agnes Church handles the Beth-Center Food Bank for Christmas and also provided a dozen turkeys, canned goods and more for Thanksgiving.  Our patrons are wonderful, good hearted and caring - if only everyone could be this way - what a great thing that would be - just one dollar from everyone in our community could go a far way!  Roxy's will continue this every year for the holidays!

We also donate to all the Beth-Center childrens sports along with Brownsville.

We also donate to the Cancer Society along with many other organizations.

IT'S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE TODAY!  THINK ABOUT THOSE LESS FORTUNATE - without food, homeless, jobless, in bad health or some other tragedy.